Saturday, June 8, 2013

Which translation is better? Your opinion counts!

I am translating memoirs of A. N. Krylov.

Krylov quoted several poems in his memoirs, widely known ones and rather obscure. Some have English translations, others do not.  

See Russian originals and English translations, compare,  and let me know which you prefer!  Propose your own!

I reserve the right to select which translation to use. If your version is used in the book, you receive sincere thanks in the preface, and a copy of the book.

Ivan Krylov: A Cat and a Cook

Burenin's Epigram on Gaideburov

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  1. I would certainly prefer to read more foreign fiction which were translated from Russian translation to english, or in any languages.Because in that way I could have an idea what do people think,feel or their culture is.When we read books from a foreign country it seems like travelling in that country through the stories plot.We could recognize how they have been living afar from our own culture.